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Low-Rank Coal Applications in Agriculture

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Global Humic Products Ltd. is proud to have as one of its founding members Dr. Edwin Liem.  He is a noted researcher and author of numerous technical and research papers on humic substances. Edwin holds MSc and PhD degrees in civil environmental engineering from the University of Alberta and has been involved in the study of humic substances since 2001.

His latest work, Low-Rank Coal Applications in Agriculture: Humic Analyses, Products, and Performance, a textbook published in 2021 by John Wiley & Sons (US/UK), contains original data collected from laboratory and agricultural field trials as well as providing a literature review on the science and regulation behind humics. Edwin has been working with low-rank coal since 2001, including its commercial applications in oil/gas drilling, mining remediation, and agriculture.

Low-Rank Coal Applications in Agriculture explores the commercialization and marketing potential of low-rank coal, which is rich in organic matter and humic substances. The author—a noted expert on the topic—clearly shows from a practical perspective, that rather than using it as an energy source, this material can be applied for the agricultural sector.  

The author investigates low-rank coal’s potential as used in dry and liquid humic products. This book discusses both raw materials and commercial products, and provides data on improved soil quality, crop yields, and livestock