Our Humic Products

Providing the Very Best Humic Products

Our humate is identified as humalite, a high grade oxidized (weathered coal) found adjacent to sub-bituminous coalfields in Alberta, Canada.  Different from other humates, humalite contains high contents of humic substances, low toxic metals, negligible toxic organics and pathogens, high cation exchange capacity (CEC) and low ash.

We utilize a strict control on the raw material and finished products to ensure our quality is among the very best. Our dry and liquid humic products are marketed as soil amendments and fertilizer enhancers which provide humic and fulvic acids to soil and plants.  We also have liquid nutrient products chelated with humic substances, marketed as specialty fertilizers.

Our products will be listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (as per US National Organic Program) and ProCert Organic Registrations.  

Humics have been shown to enhance nutrient availability by maintaining the nutrients in the soil root zone.

The high cation exchange capacity (CEC) of humic products results in an ability to retain soil moisture and make available important plant nutrients to enhance plant growth and yield.

Increases in phosphorus and nitrogen uptake have been demonstrated through numerous research trials.


Humic acids have been successfully used as an additive in animal feed. Numerous research trials conducted worldwide have showed positive results in the use of humic acids as an organic feed ingredient.

Increases in liveweight of animals, improved growth rates, increased feed intake and food conversion ratios and a stronger resistance against diseases are the common results of these trials.

Humic products have been shown to improve structure and water holding capacity, increase microbial growth and aggregate sandy soils. Humic products are also able to increase potassium availability in problem soils.

The addition of humic products to soil leads to an improvement in the productivity of the soil. For the environmental industry it can lead to faster, more efficient and higher quality land reclamation.